A Wee Bit Late or Super Organised?

This Christmas I planned to make 14 personalised stockings. Ambitious I hear you cry, surely that’s too many, you’ll never make it and you’d be right. I made a paltry 10. The four that I put off were our ones and I’m going to hide this post once Molly learns to read so she will never know of my festive betrayal. 

But January came and as a way of putting off my tax returns for a few more hours I got on with the business of making family stockings. I bought some wonderful Christmas material from  Emporium Fabrics and I was ready to go. 

Just a quick note on Emporium Fabrics – it is a Facebook page where you can order fabric. Usually £5 a metre or less with free p&p. Mostly Rose & Huble (which conforms to CE testing if you make toys) and you pay via PayPal. Maria is a lovely lady and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’ll be getting in her Christmas fabric around May/June so get in there early. 

I embroidered names and a bit of extra detail and set about sewing  them together. A stocking with no frills or fancy bits is fairly straight forward and you can follow this tutorial for a good idea of how to do it. Don’t forget like I almost did that if using patterned material on the inside it needs to be upside down so that when you fold it over for the collar it’s the right way up. 

The eagle eyed amoungst you will notice there are four – no I’m not expecting – I’m just prepared for when another may come along. I can’t wait til Christmas morning and Molly coming in to find what Santa has left in her stocking.



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