The big make……a quiet book

Now I am far too excited about making this. A quiet book. A mostly fabric book full of activities that are made to entertain, educate and, well, keep children quiet. Ideally for ages 2 to 4 I’m starting early predominantly so I can spend lots of time developing the pages. 

There are so many different ways of doing them and a few hours on Pinterest will give you hundreds of ideas but I’m going to share my one and hopefully create some patterns along the way. 

I have chosen a ring binder style book so that I can add and remove pages as Molly grows and learns new skills. Also I can then add pages that appeal to her character and nature as I learn who she is. 

I haven’t created a pattern for this but I will go through the steps so you can get an idea of how it was achieved. 

Firstly I chose two fabrics that complimented each other to use as the outside and inside of the cover.  The outside is another wonderful Rose & Hubble fabric of Russian Doll characters and so I chose a smaller Russian Doll pattern for the inside. 

the small Russian dolls for the inside cover
I sandwiched these two fabrics with two layers of felt between them and ran a few quilting lines across the full width with a spine quilted in as well. Tip: I have just discovered my new favourite quilting accessory which is spray craft adhesive. I then cut it all to size and attached bias binding around the outside. 

Depending on how you’d like to fasten the book, if at all, you may need to add part of your fastener before sewing everything together. I have used a magnetic clasp attached to a belt which I made in the complimentary fabric. 

Add rivets to where you’d like you binders to go and add any embellishments and your done. I had personalised labels made so Molly is in no doubt this was made for her 

a lovely printed label from the ribbon reel
Sources (I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon)



Magnetic Clasp

Craft Adhesive


Personalised Ribbon (unfortunately closed at the moment but will be reopening with greater options for their personalised ribbons)



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