The Pages

Back to the quiet book for this post- getting prepared with some pages

All of the patterns are made to fit on the same page. Before starting to design the different activities for each page I made a selection using different fabrics. I have a rediculous amount of fabric and this is a great way of using bits up. 

Again I used felt to give the page, like the cover, a bit more strength and structure. 

1. Cut you felt to the size you desire for the page. My pages are 19.5 x 23.5 cm to fit my book. 

2. Iron your fabric (this is the only time I iron! My clothes are creased my makes are not) 

3. Using spray adhesive attach your felt to the wrong side of your fabric and cut leaving a 2 cm allowance around all sides

4. Fold the fabric over to meet the edge of the felt and then fold over again sewing around all edges. This is the cheaters way of doing a quilt edge. It’s quick and easy. 

5 Add the rivets making sure the match your binder spacing

6 Add snap fasteners to the opposite corners so that the pages are interchangeable. If your page fabric pattern has to be up a certain way to work then you will have to decide now whether it’s a left page or a right page. If the pattern is not then you can decide later. Make sure one is an inny and the other is an outy (and other such technical terms)

7 Get ready to make your first quiet book activity 

Coming Soon – Hickory Dickory Dock



Here Comes The Sun Hat

Well snow last week, blazing sun this week and a baby with very little hair means I’ve been caught off guard. Time to get the sun hat made. 

I found a darling pattern (completely free) and had to try it out. Make sure you check the two inch square to check your printing is accurate. Mine was a little small but I went for it anyway and low and behold the hat is a little small too. I also think the pattern contains too much hand stitching, is a little messy and makes it more difficult to make than it actually is. 

So I had a little Google and found that this blog has a much better method of construction so after I reprinted the pattern and followed the medium size I finally have a reversible and pretty special hat.