Siblings & Litigation 

I see a problem in the future. 

Baby number two is well on the way and I’ve started making things for him – if I blog about those things will Molly see a time in her future where she can lay claim to them due to the title of the blog? Wth solicitors on both sides of her family I fear an argument, she is already adept at arguing her point even though no one quite understands the words she is using. 

In anticipation of a forthright 10 year old I hearby claim that Made for Molly is only in title and not in deed! 

On to the making. 

After lasts years failed entry to the Lambeth Country Fair Knitted Wear category – not Knitted and not wear and then stolen (see full details HERE)- I decided to knit a top for the new arrival. 

My knitting has been neglected over the years due to my love for crochet – with only one loop to worry about it the perfect travelling craft. Knitting with all those stitches to drop is much more of a home craft and having Molly has made home crafts much more appealing. 

I found THIS pattern on Ravelry, completely free, and sent it to my Mum for assistance in working out what it meant. Back comes the message – oh that’s quite tricky. Great! I’d chosen what I thought was easy turns out not so. The little whales were too cute to not give it a go though. 

What I loved about the pattern is that there are no seams – the amount of times I’ve almost finished a project only to be bored to tears with the making up. I have a list of works in progress that I bribe myself into finishing. You start at the neck and then work down sectioning off the stitches for the sleeves – just do this with spare thread though rather than a large pin as it makes it easier to work with. 

The tricky bit is the knitting and then purling with two colours. I used THIS tutorial to help me along and went very slowly. I pulled too tightly in a few places but it’s not too bad – it has however made me want to have a go at some more fair isle patterns and do a bit of steeking.

I only had two instances where I had to unravel and do a section again – this was due to dropping a stitch on the edging and although with more practice I could do better I’m generally pleased with the result. 

Now just to wait a few months to see if it fits. 


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