Getting prepared 

Before I start blogging about my current makes, and there is one epic make that I am super excited about, I’m going to mention a few of the bits I made in preparation for the arrival of Molly.

As the lucky Aunty to 6 niblings (and yes that’s a real term) I benefitted from a vast amount of hand me downs. However I am also a big fan of things matching. So I get things that don’t match and upcycle, it’s twice the work but half the cost and you get something unique. I bought Miss Molly, who at the time was referred to as poppy seed, some fabric and set about providing ‘sitting’ things. 

First of all I made a baby beanbag. I am a fan of bulk buying, my husband is not, but in this instance I already had a suitable supply of beans and shredded foam filling that was taking up an inordinate amount of space so I put them to use. I used THIS pattern. Really easy to follow and the print out is simple enough to put together. I decided to fill with a mixture including the foam I mentioned earlier. This helps the bag keep its shape over long term usage – surely we all remember that bean bag that’s lost a bit of its oomph. I also made an internal bag so that it would be easy to clean. Twice the work again but definitely a time and mess saver in the future. I tried my hand at piping and love the look it creates, it is worth the extra effort and you can find some useful tutorials on YouTube. The thing I love about this is as Molly gets bigger I can remove the straps and it can function as a plain old bean bag.

My first Made for Molly creation

Next I made a new cover for the baby bouncer. Pretty simple- I carefully cut up the old cover and used it as a pattern. I went a little bit extra and double sided my fabric but you don’t have to, in fact the original cover didn’t. I reused the original straps and clasp as they worked perfectly fine and voilà a new old bouncer. 

Molly enjoying her bouncer

Lastly I recovered a swing seat. For this I just attached the new fabric directly on top and finished with some bias binding for the edge. (Unfortunately due to London living this has now been passed on as we just didn’t have the space)


Before and after
I had a little bit of fabric left over and made a pillowcase for a triangular pillow which I use as a nursing pillow. Part of me wishes I’d bought more so I could make a quilt or a playmat but then hindsight is a wonderful thing. 

Getting prepared 

It only took five months

When I found out I was pregnant I imagined all the things I could make whilst on maternity leave. The list was endless and still is as bits get added daily.

I decided that I would blog of all the things I’d make from the day she was born – how wonderful that would be for the first post to be the first day of her life and then as I found new challenges of things we needed I’d do a little diy blog.

Well that day arrived on August the 4th. A little hand grenade was dropped into our life and blew everything out of the water. Not in a bad way just in a ‘life will never be the same’ way.

and I did make things, more than a mum of a newborn has any right to make, I crammed bits into precious moments whilst Molly was sleeping and I took photos but did I write anything down – did I heck.

So here I am. 2016. Another new beginning and its time I started typing. Molly is 5 months old today and I have plans for all sorts of things in the future.

I will share what I make and how I do it and hopefully you’ll enjoy it/find it interesting/ find it useful/ ignore it completely

It only took five months